GBC Global Conference moved to Washington DC area

Based upon the announcement that the FDA will release their draft update guidance on bioanalytical method validation this summar and subsequnetly that an AAPS-FDA Crystal City V conference is planned to be held within 90 days after release of the guidance document, the GBC SC has decided to move the GBC global conference from the Netherlands to the Washington DC area. A date can not be set yet, but the conference is planned to be held 2 days prior to the AAPS-FDA meeting.

See also: Adaptation and Impact



The GBC global conference on the harmonzation of bioanalytical guidelines will be held in the Netherlands in the vicinity of Amsterdam.


Dates: 25 - 27 September 2012

Where: Leeuwenhorst Conference Center

Registration fee: 600 euro

Delegate Registration: not available yet

Room Registratrion: not opened yet